Abbie Bartlett Shapleigh communication, 1860-1902This collection comprise entirely of interaction, both unique characters and had written transcriptions

Abbie Bartlett Shapleigh communication, 1860-1902This collection comprise entirely of interaction, both unique characters and had written transcriptions

Marjorie Weinman Sharmat range, 1967-1985This range includes telecommunications which have Dorothy Healy, promotional product, Westbrook School Alumni Reports, clippings and you may Tower Award address.

The greater amount of than simply 200 characters shelter recent years ranging from 1860 and you will 1892

Dorothy Wright Simes files, 1906-1970The files away from Dorothy Wright Simes was contained in 31 diaries and you will four folders off loved ones suggestions. The brand new diaries begin in 1937 and you may wind up inside the 1970. A number of the diaries are extremely complete with notations towards 50, 60 or even 70 % of your months; just a few was minimal.

Dorothy Simpson collection, 1933-1999This range includes 12 files out of typescript, construction and layout to possess picture getting Maine Countries also communications, feedback and you can interview.

Sinon-Reyher range, 1976-1989This collection boasts interaction (1976-1987), blogs, images, and a presentation. All the content are typically concerned about the fresh contribution of your Sinon-Reyher collection to Westbrook University therefore the Maine Female Writers Range when you look at the 1978. There is certainly paperwork including intricate meanings and you can photographs of your artifacts about range and you may details about the first expo of collection during the 1978.

Age Oakes Smith range, 1842-2007The collection includes unique copies off Smith’s basic stories Scottsdale free hookup website �This new West Captive,� �The fresh new Christian Sisters,� and you will �Treasures and you can Reptiles,� typed from inside the 1842 and you will poems blogged for the an 1852 release away from Graham’s Journal. As well as regarding collection are two photo reprints off Smith, you to definitely as a young lady and in her retirement. One of the point is an article of correspondence dated 1866, to help you a good Maine lawyer, suggesting Smith as an effective lecturer, often for compensation or for free as �she could not fail from satisfying everybody to you.�

Smith relatives records, 1878-1935Of the fresh 261 files on Smith Family unit members documentation, nearly all are the brand new paperwork regarding around three Smith female.

Bhima MacDonald Sturtevant files, 1814-2000This range contains essays, poetry, manuscripts, maps, images, clippings, look and you may correspondence

Jacqueline M. Barstow Sorenson collection, 1974This collection includes good photocopy from a manuscript � Blogs n’ Something Poetry n’ Prose.

Yvonne Souliere collection, 1992This collection consists of a paper compiled by Souliere regarding the educations for women inside Portland in early 1800s.

Harriet Age Prescott Spofford collection, 1891-2004This range consists of this new author’s pieces penned inside the later nineteenth and you can early twentieth century journals, biographical procedure, a pen outline out-of Spofford, and you can search regarding the Spofford by the scholars.

Patience Stapleton range, 1932-1952This collection include replicas of many content regarding the Persistence Stapleton along with clippings with which has a few of the lady penned tales.

Ann S. Stephens collection, 1835-1980The most the fresh collection matter contains Stephens’ blogged performs during the periodicals of the girl date, also a keen 1859 open letter to help you Winner Hugo. Including provided are you to manuscript poem, good bibliography out-of the woman authored parts on Ladies Spouse, 1838-1839, and you can a piece combining biographical advice and literary criticism regarding Ann Stephens printed in 1880.

Shay Stewart-Bouley collection, 2007-2011This range contains printouts from Stewart-Bouley’s content and you can clippings out-of this lady line regarding Portland Phoenix and also the Boston Phoenix.

Harriet Beecher Stowe collection, 1880-1999The type of approximately a dozen files includes ephemera plus one little bit of interaction pertaining to Bro Tom’s Cabin, one tract from the Stowe, 20th 100 years composed scholarship about her literary and private existence, a couple of undated stereoscopic viewpoints perhaps from the the girl Florida household and an undated pic of your creator.

, undatedThis collection includes manuscript question produced by the author, in addition to private and traveling diaries from multiple around the globe travel, essays and you may unpublished blog site, prose and you can verse records, correspondence, and you may translations of traditional performs. There are also private and you will inspired scrapbooks, commonplace instructions, a recipe publication, an attracting and you will good watercolor accomplished by the writer, photos and you will a photo record of the author as well as the new author’s family.

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